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Bar Mitzvah Project – Holocaust Remembrance Foundation

Many of my bat mitzvah and bar mitzvah students are looking for interesting mitzvah projects. Here’s an example that one of my bar mitzvah students is doing for his mitzvah project in partnership with the Holocaust Remembrance Foundation in Philadelphia. Similar Mitzvah Project opportunities exist in other cities as well. Dear Friends and Family, For […]


Mitzvah Project Mania

From eJewishPhilanthropy By Esther D. Kustanowitz New initiatives look to help Jewish teens connect to themselves and their community before becoming adults Gone are the days of donating a portion of your gift money to charity; groups across the U.S. want b’nai mitzvah projects to resonate. When Elie Klein was 13, he knew that giving […]


The Role of Grandparents in Their Grandchildren’s B-Mitzvah Experience

BY RAHEL MUSLEAH JEWISH GRANDPARENTS NETWORK REIMAGINING ROLE OF GRANDPARENTS IN GRANDCHILDREN’S B-MITZVAH EXPERIENCE We all recognize this B-Mitzvah scene: A 13-year-old stands on the bimah, chants from the Torah and/or haftarah, and delivers a d’var Torah prepared with the help of the rabbi or educator. The extended family sits in the front row, emotional […]