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Bar Mitzvah


Custom Bar Mitzvah Ceremony with Rabbi Jason Miller

The bar mitzvah ceremony is the coming of age ritual for a Jewish boy. A bar mitzvah can take place at any venue and Rabbi Jason Miller is available to officiate this ceremony for your Jewish teen.

Every bar mitzvah ceremony that Rabbi Jason organizes is creative and personalized. Each ceremony is unique and appropriate for the teen’s abilities.

Bar Mitzvah - Rabbi for Private Bar Mitzvah Ceremony

Learning Differences

I have helped many teens with learning challenges and special needs. The bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah training is customized to accommodate any learning differences.



I am available to tutor students for bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah no matter where you live. Using Zoom, Skype, Google Chat, or FaceTime with your teen, I will help them prepare for their bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah service and we will also discuss Jewish holidays, Torah, Jewish history, Jewish culture and the Jewish life-cycle.



The location of the Bar Mitzvah is completely up to you. Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies don’t have to take place in a temple or synagogue. Get as creative as you want with the venue. (Travel fees may apply)



I bring a full-sized kosher Torah scroll.


Prayer Books

I create customized prayer books created specifically for your mitzvah ceremony. These personalized prayer books make nice keepsakes for your guests.


For more information please contact Rabbi Jason Miller, The Mitzvah Rabbi.