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Testimonials – Bar Mitzvah Rabbi Jason Miller




Bar Mitzvah Rabbi - Reviews and Testimonials - Rabbi Jason Miller, The Mitzvah Rabbi“Rabbi Jason was terrific. We did not have the time for an affiliation with a synagogue and really wanted to give our son a beautiful bar mitzvah. I found Rabbi Jason through Internet research and spoke with him at length. He educated my son on zoom for a year prior to his bar mitzvah. Rabbi Jason taught my son his Torah portion and educated my son on the holidays and the history of Judaism. He flew out to California to perform a beautiful ceremony that inspired many of my neighbors to move forward with having a bar or bat mitzvah for their kids. He prepared a beautiful program and was open to any changes that we added. The ceremony was moving, beautiful, funny and not boring. I would sincerely recommend Rabbi Jason If you are looking for a third-party Rabbi. He’s absolutely great and the real deal. Two thumbs up from our family and especially our son.”

– Elizabeth Riddick, Malibu, California


“From the moment we first spoke with Rabbi Jason and talked about having Sadie’s Bat Mitzvah in Florence, Italy, Jason told us that it will be authentic, memorable and that he will be bringing the Torah. Rabbi Jason met with Sadie from January – March to prepare for the full ceremony and helped with her with preparation for her Torah readings. And, he created the most beautiful Siddur book for the Bat Mitzvah. What blew us all away was his most sincere and beautiful speech about the D’var Torah and Sadie. He made this most wonderful day so perfect and a day we will never forget. Rabbi Jason will always have a special place in our hearts and we know that there was a sign that led us to him.”

– Tara Graff – New York City, NY


“This was such a beautifully smooth and incredible experience. They boys loved spending time with the Rabbi from the comfort of their own home. Our boys are on the spectrum and needed an adaptive service. Every detail was tailored to their abilities and our entire family celebrated this special occasion surrounded by love, support, and kindness. This was the perfect experience and we are so grateful to have found Rabbi Jason ❤️”

– Misty Lewin – Dallas, Texas


“Our 2nd Mitzvah in two years! Just keeps getting better! Very accommodating, and reasonably priced. It’s a no brainer. Thanks again Rabbi Jason!!!”

Monica & Heath McKinley – Chicago, Illinois


“Amazing experience with Rabbi Jason for a b’nai mitzvah for my son and niece in Miami Beach. Rabbi Jason made the service so meaningful for our family. His guidance and teaching over the course of the last year was phenomenal. Zoom was easy for the kids to use, and he worked around scheduling challenges. We plan to work with Rabbi Jason for my younger son’s bar mitzvah in a couple years! I’d 100% recommend Rabbi Jason to anyone looking for an amazing and unique bar mitzvah experience.”

– Susie & Jared Sherr – Miami, Florida


“Rabbi Jason is amazing! My son has dyslexia and ADHD and had never read a word of Hebrew before beginning with Rabbi Jason 18 months before his Bar Mitzvah. I knew there was no way my son would be successful working with the tutors at my temple, who are great but have no experience working with neuroatypical kids. At first, my son was not enthusiastic about weekly lessons over Zoom. Rabbi Jason managed to bond with him and become a mentor and positive influence as well as a Hebrew teacher. Thanks to Rabbi Jason, my son can fluently recite the most important prayers, chanted his portion without missing a beat, and feels great about the experience. If you are looking for an “outside the box” path towards a meaningful Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Rabbi Jason Miller is the perfect choice.”

– Laura Segal & Danny Rose – Washington, DC


Independent Rabbi for Bar Mitzvah in Boston“The Mitzvah Rabbi, Rabbi Jason, is not only an amazing Rabbi, he’s a wonderful person. His tutoring sessions were insightful, helpful, and warm. My son took to him in a way you would hope your child would feel about his Rabbi, as did our entire family. We opted for a small, intimate Bar Mitzvah service in Florida and it was absolutely perfect. Rabbi Jason guided us through every step of the process. I could go on and on about how grateful we are to have found him online. Highly recommend.”

– Jen Marini – Las Vegas, Nevada


“We can’t thank Rabbi Jason enough for making Libby’s Bat Mitzvah extra special. He listened to what Libby wanted and created a unique service for her and our family. He took the time needed to work with Libby and she was extremely confident by the time it was showtime. Our partnership with Rabbi Jason was supportive, positive and convenient from start to finish. His process was accessible and effective, and our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah service was everything we wanted it to be!”

– Hope & Jason Brown – Beverly Hills, Michigan


“Rabbi Jason did a phenomenal job preparing our son for his bar mitzvah! He not only tutored him through the entire process but also conducted a beautiful service taking into account the various preferences from our family and finding a way to include many different family members. We are so grateful for all of his hard work giving our son a wonderful bar mitzvah that we will all remember.”

– Britt Myers & Elizabeth Rohrbaugh – Brooklyn, New York


“Rabbi Jason did all the Bnei Mitzvah preparations over Zoom with my kids, on a perfect level that they could accomplish. When our plans fell through for Israel, he quickly adapted and helped me plan and execute a perfect B’nai Mitzvah closer to home, in under a week. I could not have pulled this off without your help and guidance, thank you for making their day special and perfect!!”

– Melissa Wilke – Chicago, IL (Destination B’nai Mitzvah in Orlando, Florida)


“Rabbi Jason Miller was a pleasure to work with for our son’s bar mitzvah. The preparation in advance of the ceremony, the connection with our son, and the ceremony itself were all exactly what we and our son wanted for this special occasion. Thanks!”

– Robin & Jeff Chapman, Austin, Texas


“We had a wonderful experience using Rabbi Jason Miller. My son enjoyed the lessons and the ceremony was absolute magic. Everything was so smooth and easy.”

– Hilary & Doug Cooper – Los Angeles, California


“Rabbi Jason is incredible! He is a wonderful teacher kind patient and caring My son has issues focusing and Rabbi Jason was able to keep his attention for a productive lesson every time. We had a few bumps and last-minute changes and Rabbi Jason was there to smooth them out every time I recommend him unreservedly… do not hesitate to hire him you will not find a better teacher for your child.”

– Samantha J. – Toronto, Canada


“I cannot recommend Rabbi Miller enough! Our daughter had an instant rapport with him the moment they met on Zoom. He made the lessons fun, and the entire process of learning the service and Torah portion stress-free. He was always willing to work with our schedule so that our daughter could feel free to participate in other extracurricular activities and family travel without sacrificing her preparation for the Bat Mitzvah. The service itself was exactly the Bat Mitzvah we wanted for our daughter: warm, personal, and meaningful for our family and friends. Rabbi Miller exceeded our expectations in every way by making our daughter, and our family, feel special and creating wonderful memories, and a positive association with Judaism, for all of us.”
R. C. – Miami Beach, Florida


“Rabbi Jason delivered an exceptionally poignant and elegant service at my residence, for my twin boy’s B’nai Mitzvah. His presence infused the occasion with a blend of joy and tradition, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts and memories. The collective sentiment among our family and friends was unanimous in their admiration for Rabbi Jason’s extraordinary expertise and demeanor.
Rabbi Jason’s qualities of compassion, unwavering patience, and profound expertise resonated with us and proved to be a genuine blessing throughout the entire experience. He provided meticulous and comprehensive guidance, shepherding me through every facet of the B’nai Mitzvah process. Moreover, Rabbi Jason demonstrated an exceptional ability to establish meaningful connections with each of my boys, despite their unique personalities and varying needs.
Rabbi Jason’s contribution to our B’nai Mitzvah celebration exceeded all expectations and we are eternally grateful for his invaluable role in this milestone event.”

– Jill Schaeffer – East Quogue, The Hamptons, New York


“Rabbi Jason Miller was a source of comfort and inspiration for our son leading up to, and during, his Bar Mitzvah. We could not be happier with the choice to work with Rabbi Miller and the preparation and ceremony were perfect.”
– Whitney & Josh Englander – Los Angeles, California


“Rabbi Jason made the service personal and meaningful for my daughter and our family. He especially supported us through the anxious week leading up to the Mitzvah when the Israel-Hammas war broke up and adjusted the service accordingly to make it special for all attending.”

– Boris & Olga Psakhis – West Bloomfield, Michigan


“The perfect combination of expertise, flexibility, and professionalism. Rabbi Jason knew the exact recipe for our son and helped us with the perfect service. We couldn’t be more pleased. Do not hesitate to work with Rabbi Jason! Thank you again!”

– Jenny Frank – Rehoboth Beach, Delaware


“I can’t say enough about Rabbi Jason Miller. From the outset, he continually built our daughter up and made her feel she would accomplish all she needed to. She went into the service with so much anxiety, and he soothed all her fears and had a magical way of making her feel safe and confident.”

– Scot & Shari Turnbull – Bloomfield Hills, Michigan


“A Rabbi who will travel and deliver! We have had a relationship with Jason for a couple of years now since he has come to our small town in central Oregon for two of our children’s mitzvahs. His ceremony is worthy of any synagogue and he makes our children feel very comfortable.”

– Blake Rosen & Erin Prevatt – Bend, Oregon


“Rabbi Jason does a great job leading a mitzvah service, but the best part is that it is all about my son as opposed to generic service at the temple. Thank you Rabbi Jason Miller for creating a beautiful and meaningful service for our son and his friends.”

– Janet & Vlad Gendelman – West Bloomfield, Michigan


“Rabbi Jason was the perfect choice for our son, Chace’s, Bar Mitzvah. He was easy to work with, took care of any stress or questions we had and was extremely organized, having everything laid out and listed for easy access and planning. He led the ceremony beautifully, keeping it fun and light-hearted, which made for the most beautiful, smiling happy pictures of Chace and the entire family! Highly recommended for your event! Thank you, Rabbi Jason!”

– Kim Rosenfeld – Old Tappan, New Jersey


“Rabbi Jason couldn’t have been more perfect for our event. He was attentive, reliable, professional, so funny, and really put us at ease during an incredibly stressful time. He is the zen in the chaos! Everyone in the family was impressed with his service. Thank you so much for making our event so successful!!”

– Jennifer and Geoff W. – Los Angeles, California


Reviews for Rabbi Jason Miller, the Mitzvah Rabbi (Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Services)“Rabbi Jason is absolutely THE BEST!! He is a very compassionate, understanding, and patient educator who can help even the most reluctant child to persevere and achieve the goal of becoming a Bar Mitzvah. Rabbi Jason’s personality and sense of humor made Zoom lessons fun! Our son’s Bar Mitzvah service was absolutely beautiful, and this lifecycle milestone will be a memory that our family will always cherish! Thank you Rabbi Jason for really taking the time to get to know Julian, and for creating such a beautiful service to celebrate him. The pictures you took were stunning! We can’t thank you enough ❤️!! I wish there were more stars to give ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!”

– Melanie Mitchell – Bloomfield Hills, Michigan


Thank You so much Rabbi Jason for preparing our daughters for their B’Nai Mitzvah in Jerusalem. They shined and were beautifully prepared. Never saw my girls so eager to practice their Hebrew and prayers. Rabbi Jason, you have a true talent to connect with kids and make it so special. Thank You!”

– Daniel and Zhanna Kleynerman – Livingston, New Jersey


“Rabbi Jason was fantastic. He made it so much fun for our daughter to go through the process of becoming a bat mitzvah. I heard her laughing every time they had a lesson online and, when it was time for the ceremony, our daughter was more than ready and Rabbi Jason did an amazing job officiating. We highly recommend him!”

-Janelle & Scott Sherr – Denver, Colorado


“Rabbi Jason has performed two Bar Mitzvahs for our family now. We highly recommend him. The ability for our son to meet with him over Zoom is such a benefit to us (not having to drive to meet up). And our son learned as much as he would have if the meetings had been in person. Rabbi Jason is very personable and warm. Our son went into his service with confidence and pride. We attribute that to Rabbi Jason. People who attended our service really enjoyed Rabbi Jason as well and had many compliments on how the service was ran and how meaningful it was. Do not hesitate to work with Rabbi Jason for your Mitzvah.”

-Laurie and Ron Selik – Northville, Michigan


“Rabbi Jason was so professional, nice, and did a beautiful job preparing our son for his bar mitzvah and conducting the service. He has great communication skills and responds promptly whenever contacted. We highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a rabbi for your child’s mitzvah!”

– Daniel and Jamie Snyder – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


“We cannot thank Rabbi Jason enough for creating this wonderful bar mitzvah experience for my son. I am truly appreciative of all the time and energy that Rabbi Jason put into helping my son prepare for his day. The Saturday morning bar mitzvah at Boca West Country Club in Boca Raton, Florida was beautiful and all seemed to be just right for him. I really appreciate Rabbi Jason’s dedication to wanting him to have a fulfilling, successful and memorable day.”

– David Wigoda – Miami, Florida


“Our entire family is so grateful to have met Rabbi Jason. He worked with our two daughters to prepare them for their B’not Mitzvah. They always looked forward to their time with him. He shared his wealth of knowledge in way that was so enjoyable and fun to learn. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful and personalized service. Thanks to him, our girls were confident enough with their knowledge that they could truly love their service. We will definitely work with Rabbi Jason in the future. We can’t recommend him enough!”

– David & Kyle Kean – Scottsdale, Arizona


“Rabbi Jason delivered a truly magical ceremony for our daughter. His personal touches and attention to detail were appreciated and will leave us with a lifetime of memories! Thank you Rabbi for making our day so special!!”

– Bryan and Stacey Budd – Dallas, Texas


“Rabbi Jason did an amazing job preparing my son for his bar mitzvah…. He really knows how to connect with children and make this special day a highly meaningful experience… i would highly recommend him as a rabbi to use for bar mitzvah training and the service”
– Matthew Bain – Coral Gables, Florida


“Rabbi Jason did an amazing job with our daughter’s destination bat mitzvah’s preparation. He trained her 100% online in only a few months, and we’ve just done her bat Mitzvah with our family in Paris, France with rabbi Jason on a zoom. It was wonderful! We highly recommend Rabbi Jason!”

– Caroline Biedermann – Miami, Florida


“Our twins had a blast working with Rabbi Jason in the months leading up to their b’nai mitzvah. Rabbi Jason made their service personal and meaningful. We are so happy we chose Rabbi Jason for our family’s special day!”

– Shayna Levin – Commerce, Michigan


“Rabbi Jason is absolutely a gift. A gift to the students he teaches, the families he brings together, and the sacred space he is able to create. Micah absolutely feels moved by the experience and wants to continue his Jewish learning. Thank you again! I wish they had more stars.”

– Claire Kaufman – Portland, Oregon


Reviews for The Mitzvah Rabbi - Bar Mitzvah Rabbi - Bat Mitzvah Rabbi - Rabbi Jason Miller“Our daughter studied with Rabbi Jason to prepare for her Bat Mitzvah. Rabbi Jason, is thoughtful, kind, really connects well with kids and made the process easy for the parents too. We felt very supported and encouraged during the entire process. Rabbi Jason helped her connect with the Torah, find meaning in this important transition, and wrap it all up with a perfect ceremony.  All the guests were so impressed with the ceremony, our daughter’s preparedness and Rabbi’s leadership! Thank you, Rabbi Jason, for making this special day even more memorable!!”

– Sabina and Roman Polnar, San Mateo, California


“GAME CHANGER! After 3 failed Rabbi recommendations and attempts to get my son Bar Mitzvah’d, I found Rabbi Jason! My son immediately connected with him. The zoom preparation was easy and consistent. Rabbi worked with my son, encouraged him and provided him with everything needed to have a solid Bar Mitzvah experience. I planned a zoom ceremony, but fate stepped in and the Rabbi was here in Los Angeles for another family’s Bar Mitzvah so we were beyond blessed to end up with the Rabbi and his Torah here at our home. We had the BEST Zoom ceremony with about 100 guests streaming live. Everyone told me how it was the very experience and how much they liked the Rabbi. The ceremony was memorable and fun. My son was so prepared and did a great job. Don’t look further. Rabbi Jason is all you need!!”

– Carrie Morrow- Los Angeles


“Our family would recommend Rabbi Jason to anyone! I wish we would’ve met him years ago. It would have saved our family a lot of stress and anxiety. He was a total game changer for our son. He knew how to make him comfortable and develop a meaningful relationship with him. He truly cared about making it an enjoyable experience for everyone. This was the first time our son felt connected to his Judaism. Rabbi Jason offers so much more than simply tutoring for a service. He got us through some very tough times. The bar mitzvah wouldn’t have happened without the care of Rabbi Jason. The service was absolutely beautiful. He let us to make it personal and meaningful to us. Everyone commented that it was very unique and totally fit our son’s personality. He even attended his school bar mitzvah service. We can’t wait for our daughter to work with Rabbi Jason soon!”

Todd & Rachel Matzkin-Bridger – West Bloomfield, Michigan


Bar Mitzvah Rabbi“Rabbi Jason: I can’t even tell you how many phone calls and texts I have received telling me it was the most wonderful and moving service they had attended in a long time! You made Nico’s Bar Mitzvah beautiful and meaningful. As you know, having a religious “passage” outside of a synagogue was a new experience for us, and you took a genuine interest to get to know Nico and our family in such a personal and unique level. I loved hearing that you are so passionate about leading teenagers and it is this passion that I am sure will leave Nico with a lifelong positive feeling about his religion and heritage. Yesterday was the first Monday without your mentoring sessions for Nico and he asked me “no more Rabbi Jason then?”. He had such great enthusiasm to connect with you! You have a gift with kids and adults and our family will be eternally grateful. I am so glad we found you! Thank you thank you!”

– Monica Gerner – Chicago, Illinois


“We chose to have a small intimate destination bat mitzvah service in Greece and Rabbi Jason was the missing piece that brought it together. He led the service remotely and was very accommodating. Jason is a warm and kind guy and makes the service really about the bar/bat mitzvah. He will forever be a part of our family’s precious memory and we absolutely recommend him.”

– Lisa Levine-Cobos – Boston, Massachusetts


“Rabbi Jason was fantastic! So personable and made all the guests at my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah feel welcome and included. He led a wonderful service that was easy to follow and was a fantastic Rabbi for our event. We would definitely recommend him!”

– Polina and Stuart Revness – New Jersey


“Definitely 5 stars for Rabbi Jason in making my grandson’s Bar Mitzvah experience a perfect day for our family.
A service at home with just immediate family in attendance was my grandson’s choice and Rabbi Jason’s bringing the Torah changed my dining room into a lovely sanctuary. His guidance with the Torah preparation and mini prayer books made the day very special. Finding Rabbi Jason Miller, The Mitzvah Rabbi was the answer to my prayers. He is warm, compassionate and so very likable. I highly recommend him to assist in celebrating or officiating at any event where a rabbi’s presence is desired.”

– Ruth Taylor – Fort Lauderdale, Florida


“What an amazing experience it has been working with Rabbi Jason. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a unique, personalized, and stress free Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience. The whole process was seamless. Thank you Rabbi Jason!”

– Sandra Conner – Plantation, Florida


“My husband and I were looking for a rabbi to tutor our son for his bar mitzvah. We were so lucky to find Rabbi Jason! He worked so well with our son. Everyone at the service loved him. He has a great outgoing personality and made working with my son a memorable one — the bar mitzvah service ran so smoothly, it was perfection! I loved the personalized programs he had made up of the full service, it was an awesome keepsake for everyone. I would highly recommend Rabbi Jason, he’s the way to go!”

– Felice Band – East Brunswick, New Jersey


“We couldn’t be more blessed to have had Rabbi Jason officiate my son’s bar mitzvah service in Nov 2022. He was phenomenal and a crowd favorite. He not only made the service special for our family but made my son feel very comfortable and prepared as he was also his tutor. I would highly recommend him!! He will forever be a special part in our lives.”

– Jessica Cooney – Bloomfield Hills, Michigan


“Rabbi Jason was amazing. He helped two of my kids become Bar Mitzvah
I could not be happier with what he did. Not only did he teach them all of the prayers when he was patient and kind and so easy going the whole time. I’ve now had a three and a half year relationship with him as he helped both of my boys. For both of them he put together a beautiful booklet for the ceremony explaining everything that was going on to my guests with all of the prayers in Hebrew as well as English and phonetically so everyone could follow along. He has a great program and layout. Thank you thank you thank you. I’m so glad that we found you. We feel so lucky.”

– Mark Fogarasi – Commerce Township, Michigan


“Rabbi Jason Miller is incredible!!! He tutored my son for his Bar Mitzvah and then led his service. He was so put together when it came to all the tutoring sessions, lesson plans, helping him write a speech and ultimately being completely prepared for his Bar Mitzvah. He is extremely personable, friendly and makes the whole experience so enjoyable and relaxed. I would highly recommend him for any occasion, he is awesome.”

– Emily Weishaus – Bloomfield Hills, Michigan


“Rabbi Miller created a unique and very special service for my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. From the zoom meetings to the ceremony, the Rabbi made the entire process easy and enjoyable. Afterward, my daughter told me that her Bat Mitzvah was the best day of her life – it doesn’t get better than that!”

– Ken Levine – Albany, New York / Cleveland, Ohio


Bat Mitzvah Rabbi“Rabbi Miller has officiated 2 Mitzvahs for us. He is super easy to work with and creates a beautiful, personalized service. He’s fantastic with kids with learning disabilities, anxiety, etc. We had some last-minute vendor issues and the Rabbi went above and beyond to help us solve our problem. Would definitely work with him again!”

– Kimberly Salama – Commerce, Michigan


Fantastic Rabbi and person. My daughter learned so much. She did an excellent job and Rabbi Jason was so kind. His words were inspiring and the guests were blown away from his service. I highly recommend him for any Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

– Todd Simon – Tampa, Florida


“Rabbi Jason is amazing!!! We love him! Rabbi Jason built a wonderful relationship with our son, Aidan while he was helping him prepare for his Bar Mitzvah. The Bar Mitzvah at the Grand Canyon was beyond wonderful! We all had a fabulous time and Aidan did great and was very well prepared! I highly recommend Rabbi Jason and am looking forward to using him again for our younger son’s Bar Mitzvah next year!”

– Lauren H. – Westchester, New York


“Rabbi Jason was wonderful from beginning to end at my son’s destination bar mitzvah in Northern Michigan. He walked me through everything (for my tasks throughout the process) and worked with my son for about 8 months. I was impressed by the outcome. It exceeded my expectations! He was great with my son, who is reserved and only wanted a few people present, and figured out his comfort level. Rabbi Jason was flexible and always responded to questions thoughtfully. It was a beautiful experience from start to finish.”

– Wendy Furst – Chelsea, Michigan


“We had a great experience with Rabbi Miller. He is very knowledgeable, personable, and detailed. Everyone was ready and the ceremony was beautiful! Our family gives Rabbi Miller our strongest recommendation!”

– Brad Seldin, Miami Beach, Florida


“Rabbi Jason Miller did an amazing job at my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah! Would highly recommend? She was pretty nervous and he did a great job making her feel comfortable! Thank you so much ? We also had a lot of guests who had never been to a Bar or Bat Mitzvah and he did a great job of explaining it all! We got lots of compliments on the service!”

– Rachel Carmack – Grosse Ile, Michigan


“My daughter was bat mitzvahed this past weekend and Rabbi Miller was amazing! He tutored my daughter in less than a year and she did wonderfully. Those who attended the ceremony stated they learned a ton from the rabbi and that he did a great job explaining things to those who have never attended one before. Highly recommend!!”

– Jennifer Marshall – Jacksonville, South Carolina


“Rabbi Jason was absolutely amazing and cannot recommend him enough. We struggled for months to figure out how to do a non-traditional b’nai mitzvah with our twins. From day 1, Rabbi Jason was accommodating, flexible, encouraging and engaging. The girls really enjoyed meeting and learning from him. The whole process was enjoyable and pretty much stress-free for all of us. He was open to our thoughts, ideas and suggestions, and ended up co-creating a ceremony that made us all feel like it represented our values and wants. So many people commented on how unique and perfect the ceremony was. He was amazing!”
– Ignacio Jayo – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


“Rabbi Jason was very flexible and made the commitment to time and effort it took to prepare my son over zoom for a wonderful destination Bar Mitzvah. Spending time with him was a delight for my family and I.”
– Brian and Jill Fox – Parkland, Florida


“Rabbi Jason is incredible! He’s easy to work with, good with reluctant learners, and prepares a beautiful service.”
– Bethany French – San Carlos, California


“Rabbi Jason did an excellent job tutoring my son and then conducting his Bar Mitzvah. 2020-2021 has been a challenging year and having a Bar Mitzvah during this time hasn’t been easy. Rabbi Jason developed an excellent working relationship with my son and the service was very nice. It was a worthwhile and rewarding experience that I would recommend to anyone.”
– Alex Sennabaum – Flint, Michigan


“Rabbi Jason is the absolute best. He customizes each Mitzvah to make the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child feel so special. He allows the child to be confident, comfortable and enjoy the whole experience. Our son said his Bar Mitzvah was the best day of his life. A big part of that was due to his relationship with Rabbi Jason.”
– Leslee Schneider – Penn Valley, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)


“We recently had a wonderful experience with Rabbi Jason officiating at our son’s Bar Mitzvah. He was incredibly warm and kind to us and to our friends and family. He made the service accessible to all our guests, explaining different traditions, which we appreciated for those who were unfamiliar with the ceremony. We loved the personalized prayer book, to which were able to add our own readings, as well as include many different participants. So many of our guests commented on how beautiful and special it was. We were delighted with how it all turned out. Our son, who originally did not want a Bar Mitzvah as he didn’t feel comfortable having it at a synagogue, has now completely changed his tune and is trying to convince his sister to have one!”
– Ariella Schwell – Deerfield, Massechusetts


“As a parent, we are entrusted with the challenge of building a good foundation for our child, including a strong religious belief. In these challenging times, we reviewed several paths to provide a meaningful Bar-Mitzvah ceremony for our son. From our first meeting, Rabbi Jason not only connected with our son, but he connected with us in a very meaningful way. He laid out a very concise plan with flexibility and a meaningful Bar-Mitzvah ceremony. We have never doubted our decision and hope that he is able to bring this joy to many more families.”
– Marc Abusch – Bronx, New York


“This Rabbi does not need an internet review- he is simply the BEST! After tutoring and mentoring my son for just over a year he learned all and everything to perform the most perfect bar mitzvah ceremony. Rabbi Miller is personable, patient, funny, kind, relatable to kids, and cool! He understands kids and he keeps them on track. He provides the most personal touch to the service it seemed like we were family He really got to know and respect my son. He provides a beautiful booklet for everyone to follow and keep for the ceremony. So much more personal than in a temple. The service was actually interesting and directly connected to my son and our family. There is nothing negative- just use Rabbi Jason Miller!!!!!”
– Lara and Eric Schwartzberg – Birmingham, Michigan


“Thank you so very much for pulling it all together for my son’s bar mitzvah in Atlanta. You brought humor, warmth, laughter, and a genuineness to the service and made Zach feel comfortable and confident!”
– Belinda Marcus – Atlanta, Georgia


“We love working with Rabbi Jason. Rabbi Jason Miller has done an excellent job preparing many of my family and friends’ Bar/Bat Mitzvah teens for their upcoming ceremonies. We have personally had the pleasure to work with Rabbi Jason. He is professional yet personable. He is flexible and helps to design a service that fits the needs of the teen and their families. Both his clergy capacity and his technology skills were extremely helpful when we found ourselves scrambling to rearrange our son’s Mitzvah plans during the pandemic. I can’t say enough about the wonderful experience our son had at his Bar Mitzvah due to Rabbi Jason’s willingness to pivot and still honor the traditions important to our family. Rabbi worked with Harrison to make him comfortable, feel confident and make the service personalized and extremely special. We highly recommend Rabbi Jason Miller to many and will continue to do so again and again.”
– Danielle Ruskin – Novi, Michigan


“Rabbi Jason created an amazing evening for the bat mitzvah of our twin daughters. I can’t tell you how many people came to us to tell us how great Rabbi Jason is and asking us how we found him. He was kind, patient, reassuring and encouraging every step of the way. And Rabbi Jason entertained our changes and ideas all the way to the end. It is safe to say that our girls would not have gotten there without his guidance.”
– Melissa Hecht – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


“Thank you so much for working with our family over the past few months for our sons’ virtual b’nai mitzvah on Zoom. The boys enjoyed the process and felt confident. You made it stress-free and enjoyable for us and our guests. The service was outstanding! We couldn’t have done it without you. We cannot recommend you highly enough.”
– Lillian and Jeffrey Weinstock – Boca Raton, Florida


“Rabbi Jason Miller is the best in my humble opinion. My son had a crazy hockey schedule. Temple just wasn’t an option for us. My son worked for 13 months with Rabbi Jason mostly via FaceTime. He started out dreading it. He quickly changed and looked forward to his sessions with Rabbi Jason. My son enjoyed every session with Rabbi Jason. He did such an amazing job at his service and I was so proud and it was all because of Rabbi Miller. He is such a warm, funny and genuine man. He is now our Rabbi for life. We all adore him and are a little sad it’s now all over. Thank you so much!! I just can’t express enough how amazing you are!”
– Kim and Craig Simon – Birmingham, Michigan


“Wow!!! There is no way there are enough words to express our gratitude for the amazing job that Rabbi Miller did with our twins!!! The time and attentiveness that he took with our boys was amazing and we will always be grateful for making such an incredible memory for our our family!!!”
– Craig Lewin – Dallas, Texas


“Rabbi Jason Miller has been so wonderful to our family! We are unaffiliated with a synagogue, but he is our family’s rabbi. He created the most beautiful bar mitzvah ceremony for our son. It was very meaningful and he made it very special. We are so grateful for Rabbi Jason, who will soon be officiating our daughter’s bat mitzvah too!”
– Marcie Weitzman – Bloomfield Hills, Michigan


“Rabbi Jason Miller is a fantastic colleague of mine. I met Jason a few years ago through our seminary when the dean of our school introduced us. It is rare to find a rabbi that is so open-minded, flexible, caring, and passionate about making Bnei Mitzvah experiences as meaningful as possible for children and families. Rabbi Jason is what I would call a “cool rabbi” someone that kids really love working with and he makes Judaism and Jewish learning “cool,” accessible, and fun for his students. We have worked together many times and I could not recommend him more highly. He is a fantastic rabbi, teacher, and colleague. If you want a special and unique experience that you will remember Rabbi Jason is the way to go.”
– Rabbi Danielle Gobuty Eskow – Online Jewish Learning


“Rabbi Jason made our Mitzvah a wonderful experience from start to finish and helped tutor my son through challenges that helped him have an exceptional experience that our whole family was proud of. Rabbi Jason also created a program for attendees, took many pictures, and made the whole experience memorable. He came all the way to Atlanta to be there during our zoom bar mitzvah and led it perfectly from start to finish. We highly recommended Mitzvah Rabbi for your life cycle event!”
– Lee Goldenberg – Fayetteville, Georgia


“Rabbi Jason Miller did such a wonderful job preparing our son for his bar mitzvah. He truly lived up to his philosophy that no adolescent should stress about their bar/bat mitzvah! He figured out early on how our son learned best, and what motivated him. At times, when our son or I had any concerns about his progress, Rabbi Jason remained positive and reassuring. I think it was this consistent positivity and reassurance that helped our son (a kid who’s been known to get anxious, a lot!) read his prayers, Torah portion and D’var Torah, on his big day, with poise and confidence that just blew us all away!! Rabbi Jason also led the service with just the right combination of reverence and humor. Rabbi Jason is so down to earth, and showed his true “menschiness” by going above and beyond his role as tutor and mentor to help make our son’s entire bar mitzvah celebration very meaningful!! We could not be happier with the way everything turned out on bar mitzvah day! We highly recommend Rabbi Jason Miller to anyone looking to do a more individualized bar/bat mitzvah service.
– Alison Weinhaus – West Bloomfield, Michigan


“Rabbi Jason Miller was wonderful. He led a beautiful and meaningful Bat Mitzvah Service. All of our guests were impressed by him. We are using him again for our next one.”
– Adrian Fischer (Grandmother) – Dallas, Texas and Tampa, Florida


“Rabbi Jason Miller was great! He worked closely with our son to get him ready for his mitzvah and was very accommodating and easy to work with. The service was lovely and we really appreciated the flexibility of being able to have our service at a location of our choosing. Highly recommend!”
– Jennifer Liss – Bloomfield Hills, Michigan


“Rabbi Jason did an outstanding job! Before the bat mitzvah, he helped prepare our daughter via Facetime and worked diligently with us to create a personalized bat mitzvah siddur (prayer book) for our guests. He did an absolutely terrific job officiating the ceremony. He made my family and all of the guests feel very welcome with his warm personality. We really enjoyed having him. In addition, he brought along Steve Jarosz, an amazing acoustic guitarist, who filled the room with beautiful music. Together, they created just the right spiritual atmosphere we desired for such a wonderful occasion.”
– Michael and Janis Leinwand – Kalamazoo, Michigan


“What a wonderful experience our entire family had with Rabbi Jason. Our son Evan was always excited to study with Rabbi, he made Hebrew and studying the Torah fun.  Rabbi Jason led a beautiful, meaningful and personal Bar Mitzvah service. We are so grateful we met Rabbi Jason at such an important time in our family’s life.”
– Maria and Steve Gluck – Bloomfield Hills, Michigan


“Rabbi Miller, you were a huge part of making this weekend so special.  From the kind and supportive advice you gave Jonah in the weeks leading up to his bar mitzvah to the comfortable yet sacred tone you set during the service, we are so grateful that you were part of this event.  Thank you for everything!”
– Dara and Abraham Musher-Eizenman – Toledo, Ohio


“Oh my God! We weren’t even sure our son would have a bar mitzvah ceremony and then we were referred to Rabbi Jason. He created the absolute perfect bar mitzvah service. He figured out what would be the most meaningful ceremony for our family and created it. We bonded with Rabbi Jason very quickly and he has become OUR rabbi. We’re so grateful for him and will be recommending him to everyone we know. He made every moment leading up to Ty’s special day so meaningful and we cannot thank him enough. It was meant to be that he was the rabbi who helped us reach the special moment of our son’s bar mitzvah.”
– Cory and Bryan Esterline – Commerce, Michigan


“Thank you, Rabbi Jason, for helping me fulfill my dream of having a bar mitzvah. You helped me go far beyond what I thought I was capable of!”
– Jack Behrmann – Howell, Michigan


“We hired Rabbi Jason over a year before our Son’s Bar Mitzvah. Our Son is obviously 13, but has difficulty reading & is speech delayed but super eager to learn new things. Rabbi Jason has an amazing reputation for working with all students no matter their disability and was a perfect fit for our Son. For 30 minutes every two weeks for just over a year, Rabbi Jason and our Son logged in to Zoom for their sessions. Rabbi Jason took the time to truly get to know our Son and Family, but at the same time training him for his Mitzvah at his comfort level, but also pushing for more and more each time. Nearly a year later our Son was able to recite prayers in front of a small intimate gathering of his family and friends at our home where he was comfortable the most. We as parents were super nervous knowing that Rabbi Jason and our Son never meet in person until about 1 hour prior to the Ceremony (Only on zoom prior)…but they hit it off and our Son was super comfortable. Rabbi Jason did a phenomenal job with the service, making not only our family laugh and smile but also cry in joyful tears. If you are looking for that personalized Mitzvah service Rabbi Jason is the one to call…I know we’ll be contacting Rabbi Jason again for our Daughter’s Mitzvah in a few years!”
– AB & SB – Commerce Township, Michigan


“Thank you to Rabbi Jason Miller for making Aiden’s Bar Mitzvah everything we ever hoped it would be! It was personal, intimate and perfectly tailored to our family’s needs. Rabbi Jason connected so well with Aiden and really made sure that everyone was comfortable with the process. We could not be happier!”
– Tom and Julie Song – Novi, Michigan


“Rabbi Miller was just the right person for our son’s Bar Mitzvah. He is a kind, thoughtful, and inquisitive person, and spent a lot of time with us understanding our son’s style, motivation and personality. He worked with us to ensure that we had just the type of Bar Mitzvah ceremony that we wanted. During the Bar Mitzvah, he helped Noah to feel comfortable and also engaged all the participants, both family and friends. His warmth and clear joy during our special celebration made us all feel wonderful. I give Rabbi Miller my highest recommendation.”
– Pam Cohen – Chicago, Illinois


“Rabbi Jason made the entire process super comfortable and stress-free for our child. The ceremony was even better than anything we could have imagined. I can’t thank him enough for his genuine warmth and sincerity.”
– Lindsay Blau Hords and Brian Hords – Birmingham, Michigan


“Les and I and Harry (of course) want to thank Rabbi Jason Miller very much for his extraordinary patience, flexibility and help in our son’s Bar Mitzvah preparations. It was clearly a wonderful day for all of us involved and his contributions were wonderful. It was such a special feeling to have him so warmly welcomed by the Jewish community. Again, we are very grateful to Rabbi Jason.”
– Abigail and Leslie Wexner – New Albany, Ohio


“Anna’s bat mitzvah was perfect thanks to Rabbi Jason. Everybody had a great time and we got so many compliments about the service. People who had been to many other bat mitzvah services said they thought that Anna’s bat mitzvah service was really special and meaningful. Thank you so much Rabbi Jason for making such a great service for us. It couldn’t have been any better!”
– Molly and Brad Schneider – Birmingham, Michigan


“Rabbi Miller created a wonderful virtual bat mitzvah celebration for our daughter. She loved her lessons with him prior to the bat mitzvah. He made her ceremony personal and meaningful.”
-Cheryl McIntyre – Aberdeen, Scotland


“Rabbi Jason officiated all 3 of our kids’ Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. We wanted a unique ceremony that was tailored towards each of our kids as individuals. Not only did Rabbi Jason make it possible for us to do the ceremonies, he also made each one unique and meaningful. He guided our kids to think outside the box and to write wonderful speeches about what was important to them and how it connected them to Judaism and their beliefs. He made them feel comfortable reading their Torah portions as well. Rabbi Jason is very personable and truly cares about helping kids be Bar Mitzvah’d. Our kids easily related to him and I think that’s part of why their ceremonies were so special. He has become more than a Rabbi to us, he is our friend.”
– Amy and Roger Young – Clarkston, Michigan


“Rabbi Miller speaks a language that my son understands. And in teaching him others – Hebrew, Judaism, and the larger life lessons – my son could connect in a way that offered them a special bond. I was so impressed with how Rabbi Miller found his place in our complex family and Bar Mitzvah arrangements, one that brought friends and family in from multiple continents and countries. Rabbi Miller led a special tree-planting ceremony to close out our weekend. This creative ceremony left our guests (and us) with a feeling of connection, rejuvenation, and hope that hasn’t left us since. I highly recommend him as I believe he can see the things that matter most and find a way to bring them out in the students, the families and the ceremonies. Thank you!”
– Tracei Gorelick – New York / London / Santa Fe, New Mexico


“Three of my children had the most creative bar and bat mitzvahs because of Rabbi Jason Miller. The services were better than we expected and we still have friends tell us that these were the most meaningful bar and bat mitzvah ceremonies they ever attended. He’s easy to work with and my kids enjoyed the entire experience. He came to our home to meet with our kids and prepare them for the service. As they’ve moved on to high school they still keep in contact with Rabbi Jason. We’re grateful.”
– Andrea Brown – Birmingham, Michigan


“We thought Amanda’s Bat Mitzvah was absolutely awesome (as did she). It was the perfect setting to have a true camp atmosphere. Without Rabbi Jason’s personality and demeanor, we believe that it wouldn’t have been the same. Thank you so much. We would HIGHLY recommend Rabbi Jason!”
– Steve Schlussel and Michelle Baskin – West Bloomfield, Michigan


Rabbi Jason served as the Rabbi for my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah in Detroit (in 2018). My daughter, Lucie, and I – as well as family and friends – were very pleased with every aspect of his work. He was well-organized and had just the right touch of seriousness, learning, lightness and humor. He was also very good at helping us plan and prepare for the ceremony and all that surrounds it. We couldn’t have made a better choice.
– David Weberman and Miriam Weberman – Farmington Hills, Michigan


“Rabbi Jason Miller went above and beyond to orchestrate my daughter’s Bat-Mitzvah.  He created a beautiful service and worked with our family to create a memorable ceremony. My daughter’s Bat-Mitzvah was everything we hoped it would be and more.  We are very proud of her and Rabbi Jason Miller made it all possible.”
– Ellen Rosenthal – West Bloomfield, Michigan


“Dear Rabbi Jason: I don’t even know how to begin to thank you for everything. My bar mitzvah was everything I wanted and more. You made it so meaningful from start to finish. While preparing for my Bar Mitzvah I always looked forward to meeting and talking with you. Because of you, my dream Bar Mitzvah in Charlevoix became a reality. Thank you for believing in me and supporting me.”
-Ty Esterline, Commerce, Michigan


“I have seen Rabbi Jason Miller officiate at several bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs and I have referred him many many times over the years. I have only heard rave reviews! He is a GEM of a human and is the perfect addition to your family’s mitzvah celebration. He’s an incredible communicator and speaker. I love that the bar and bat mitzvahs are fun to watch, warm and truly personal. Each ceremony reflects the child and their family so perfectly. Look no further if you need a Rabbi to create a memorable service for your upcoming Mitzvah.”
– Becca Schlussel – Star Trax Events and Entertainment – Royal Oak, Michigan


“As a bar mitzvah photographer, I’ve seen a lot of Rabbis, but this one’s a keeper. Rabbi Jason makes sure each event is unique and memorable. I’m looking forward to working with him again soon.”
– Paul Stoloff – Paul Stoloff Photography – Farmington Hills, Michigan


“We first contact Rabbi Jason at the end of 2019 to schedule our daughter’s bat mitzvah. Then COVID happened and we rescheduled her bat mitzvah date 4 times(!) and every time we changed the date Rabbi Jason was totally accommodating about it. We finally had a virtual bat mitzvah for her using ZOOM but Rabbi Jason came to our home to lead the service and make sure everything was perfect, which it was. He not only brought a Torah, but also brought his smile, charm and sense of humor. He made the entire bat mitzvah even more than we had hoped for. We will certainly continue to tell our friends about him and we know we’ll see him at more mitzvahs in the future.”

– Cheryl B.


“Amazing person, fantastic bnai mitzvah tutor, my daughter loved working with him!!!”

– Dr. Brian Homer – Birmingham, Michigan

Thank you for helping me prepare for my Bar Mitzvah. I appreciate all your help, guidance, and support in preparing me to accomplish this important milestone. Thank you for the lessons and advice that you have given me. I am grateful that I have been able to learn from you.”

– Phillip Wigoda – Miami Beach, Florida

For more information please contact Rabbi Jason Miller, The Mitzvah Rabbi.