The Mitzvah Rabbi

For over 20 years, Rabbi Jason Miller ("The Mitzvah Rabbi") has been officiating private bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah ceremonies. Rabbi Jason believes that each Jewish teen is unique and deserves to have a Bar or Bat Mitzvah that is appropriate for them. While most congregations offer the same exact service for each bar or bat mitzvah, Rabbi Jason customizes the service based on the ability of the teen and the expectations of the family. Rabbi Jason has created hundreds of bar and bat mitzvah ceremonies for Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, Orthodox and Secular families. Rabbi Jason specializes in Special Needs Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies for Jewish children who require accommodation for learning differences. Rabbi Jason also offers virtual tutoring no matter where you live.

Meaningful Mitzvah Moments with the Mitzvah Rabbi

About Rabbi Jason

I became a rabbi because I LOVE helping families celebrate lifecycle events. Growing up in Detroit, Michigan, my own teenage years were formative in preparing me to become a Jewish leader and a proud member of the Jewish faith. I feel motivated by Jewish teens, who give us hope for the Jewish future. I find great meaning in working with young people to help prepare them for their bar mitzvah and then watching as they teach family and friends. I hope you will allow me to be a part of your special day as you celebrate the bar or bat mitzvah of your child.

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