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Zoom Bar Mitzvah During COVID-19 Pandemic




The current COVID virus pandemic has changed a lot of our plans. This is especially true for Jewish parents and Jewish teens who had been looking forward to celebrating a traditional bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah service. While COVID-19 has certainly changed our plans, it does not mean that a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah has to be postponed until the pandemic has ended.

Rabbi for Zoom Bar Mitzvah - Zoom Bat Mitzvah

Thanks to the Zoom video conferencing app, bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs can still take place and you can include as many relatives and friends as you’d like. Rabbi Jason Miller, The Mitzvah Rabbi, has officiated at dozens of Zoom Bar Mitzvah services and Zoom bat mitzvah services since the Coronavirus pandemic began in early 2020. Rabbi Jason Miller is available to officiate your son’s bar mitzvah service or your daughter’s bat mitzvah service virtually using Zoom. From as few as a dozen participants up to as many as 300, a Zoom bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah may not be what you had originally envisioned for the bar or bat mitzvah service for your child, but Rabbi Jason will create a very warm, participatory and memorable mitzvah experience for your family.

There are several options you can choose from including having Rabbi Jason participate live with your family and broadcast or video stream the bar mitzvah service to friends and family around the world. Alternatively, you may choose to have Rabbi Jason participate via Zoom and help coordinate the virtual bar mitzvah or virtual bat mitzvah.

Contact Rabbi Jason for more information about virtual bar mitzvah services as well as virtual bar mitzvah training.


Zoom Bar Mitzvah Service in Florida 2021