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Traveling Bar Mitzvah Ceremony Officiant – Rabbi Jason Miller

Traveling Bar Mitzvah Ceremony Officiant

The Mitzvah Rabbi provides officiating and preparation services for Jewish bar mitzvah, b’nai mitzvah and b’mitzvah ceremonies no matter where you live. Rabbi Jason will travel to your location to officiate the Bar Mitzvah.

Rabbi Jason Miller has been a bar mitzvah officiant for more than 20 years. Rabbi Jason has the ability to create unique bar mitzvahs for your child’s educational ability and your family’s religious level. Rabbi Jason’s #1 goal is to provide a meaningful and memorable bar mitzvah experience for your entire family.

Rabbi Jason Miller is available to be the rabbi at your son's bar mitzvah - destination bar mitzvah rabbi

Are you looking for a mitzvah ceremony that will fit your family’s desire? Look no further than The Bar Mitzvah Rabbi. It doesn’t matter where you live, Rabbi Jason will travel to your location, whether it’s a few miles from your home or a destination mitzvah in a far-off beautiful location.

Bar Mitzvah Lessons
Not only will Rabbi Jason officiate your child’s bar mitzvah ceremony, but he is available to prepare your child for the bar mitzvah with weekly Bar Mitzvah lessons. These sessions are personalized to address your child’s abilities and interests. Rabbi Jason also specializes in training Jewish children with learning differences. Each mitzvah training session is geared to engage your child, with lessons about Jewish history, tradition and culture. Additionally, Rabbi Jason will teach your child to read Hebrew, lead the Jewish prayers for the bar mitzvah service, and chant the Torah reading and Haftorah reading. Your child will feel a strong sense of Jewish pride and will also be energized about their Jewish connection to history, heritage and tradition. Students can meet with Rabbi Jason on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

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