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Destination Bat Mitzvah Anywhere in the World


Are you looking for a unique bat mitzvah experience for your Jewish daughter? Celebrate your child’s Bat Mitzvah at a beautiful destination with The Mitzvah Rabbi, Rabbi Jason Miller!

The MItzvah Rabbi will join you anywhere in the world to celebrate your child’s Destination Bat Mitzvah.

The entire process will be easy. Rabbi Jason will prepare your daughter for her bat mitzvah and then create a meaningful ceremony. Your son will lead the service and read from the Torah as he proclaims his role in continuing the Jewish people’s chain of tradition. No matter where you live, Rabbi Jason will be able to tutor your daughter for her bat mitzvah using Zoom video conferencing technology. All you need is an internet connection, web camera and microphone. The personalized bat mitzvah lessons will be engaging and fun. You can choose any place in the world as the venue for your daughter’s bat mitzvah.

Unique Destination Bat Mitzvah with The Mitzvah Rabbi - Unique Adventures Await

Destination Bat Mitzvah Anywhere in the World with The Mitzvah Rabbi


Rabbi Jason has traveled to unique places for destination bat mitzvah ceremonies including the Grand Canyon, cruise ships, Caribbean Islands, resorts, museums, amusement parks, sports venues, Israel, Hawaii, the Dominican Republic and many more. You will love how much fun your daughter’s destination bat mitzvah is.

You pick the venue and The Mitzvah Rabbi, Rabbi Jason, will meet you there with a Torah!

A Destination Bat Mitzvah with The Mitzvah Rabbi is ideal for kids who play travel sports and are too busy for Hebrew School, kids who have learning differences and require accommodations, kids who want to travel, kids who want to go to Israel for a meaningful bat mitzvah, kids who want a unique bat mitzvah experience, kids who want their bat mitzvah in a different setting than a synagogue or temple, and kids who want a memorable bat mitzvah experience in a cool location instead of a traditional bat mitzvah party.




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