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Book a Rabbi for a Bat Mitzvah Ceremony

Did you know that a bat mitzvah does not have to take place in a synagogue? In fact, the bat mitzvah ceremony can take place virtually anywhere you choose. For the past two decades, Rabbi Jason Miller has been coordinating and officiating bat mitzvah ceremonies at the venue of the parents’ choosing.

You can book Rabbi Jason Miller for a bat mitzvah by contacting him here. Rabbi Jason will bring a Torah to the bat mitzvah destination. It will a traditional bat mitzvah ceremony for your Jewish teen. Additionally, Rabbi Jason will prepare your child for the bat mitzvah with bat mitzvah training sessions conducted virtually on Zoom. These bat mitzvah training sessions take place either bi-weekly or weekly and will be an opportunity for your Jewish child to interface with a rabbi in a one-on-one setting preparing for the bat mitzvah as well as learning more about Judaism.

book a rabbi for a bat mitzvah ceremony


Still not convinced a bat mitzvah can take place anywhere? In her book “Make Your Own Bar/Bat Mitzvah,” Rabbi Goldie Milgram created an inspiring guidebook that takes you step-by-step through the process of creating a very personal and meaningful Bat Mitzvah that does not take place in a temple or synagogue. In fact, synagogue bat mitzvah ceremonies tend to be very “cookie-cutter” — every bat mitzvah ceremony is the exact same with no exceptions.


Hire a Rabbi for a bat mitzvah ceremony - virtual or in-person


Rabbi Milgram’s book offers a joyful and effective planning process that helps families produce a coming of age ritual filled with innovative ideas and sound guidance. Rabbi Goldie Milgram provides an effective, exciting process to help you organize this experience to meet your needs, in particular your studies, mentors, service, Torah talk, party, gifts and expressions of appreciation. Pragmatic and inspiring, this ground-breaking work will help students, families and communities to create healthy and memorably happy bar/bat mitzvah experiences.

Rabbi Milgram is the Author of Reclaiming Judaism as a Spiritual Practice: Holy Days and Shabbat, Rabbi Milgram is the Founder and Executive Director of the non-profit educational research and training group, Pnai Yachadut and also runs the highly regarded website family Reclaiming Reb Goldie Milgram is an extraordinary, creative, and wise teacher/mentor/guide/partner in the exploration of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah process. She takes the reader on a multi-dimensioned journey to discover various meaningful traditions and rituals and, in turn, to express them into a spiritually significant celebration.

You can book Rabbi Jason Miller for a bat mitzvah by contacting him here.