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Bat Mitzvah Officiant – Rabbi Jason Miller


Customized Bat Mitzvah Experience with Rabbi Jason Miller

For over 20 years Rabbi Jason Miller has been helping Jewish teens create meaningful and memorable bat mitzvah experiences. Whether you call it a bat mitzvah, b’mitzvah, b-mitzvah, b mitzvah or b’not mitzvah (for 2 or more female teens), Rabbi Jason will work with your child to ensure they feel a strong sense of accomplishment on their big day.

Bat Mitzvah Officiant - The Mitzvah Rabbi - Rabbi Jason Miller

The Mitzvah Rabbi, Rabbi Jason Miller, creates special mitzvah memories that celebrate your teen’s connection to Judaism. Rabbi Jason will help your child feel a meaningful connection with Jewish heritage and Jewish history. Each bat mitzvah service is tailor-made for your teen’s educational ability and your family’s expectations.

With a customized, personalized bat mitzvah service with Rabbi Jason, you get to choose the venue of the ceremony and the only people in attendance are the family members and close friends you invite to be there.

Even if your child has never attended Hebrew School, Rabbi Jason can make the bat mitzvah a reality. Even if your child’s thirteenth birthday has come and gone, it’s never too late to observe a bat mitzvah ceremony. A private bat mitzvah ceremony is a reality with The Mitzvah Rabbi, Rabbi Jason!

For more information about private, one-on-one virtual bat mitzvah preparation and customized bat mitzvah officiating, contact Rabbi Jason Miller today. You can book your daughter’s bat mitzvah that is five months away or five years away!